Claudia Stewart - Artist

Artist's Statement

My artwork leans towards the whimsical and I bask in the thought that part of us never quite grows up. We can still be playful at any age. Like the Surrealists, my work often has a dream-like quality with a sense of mystery. Though my work is not based on specific dreams, the pieces often have that feel. 


I have gradually worked my way towards mixed media because of the freedom of being able to play with various materials. Mixed media also seems to lend itself to some of my imagery, such a dragonflies, moths, doorways, and portraits. I found it to be quite useful in a recent foray into the world of crows as well. I think that many of these images come from my childhood, watching dragonflies hover above a lake, watching moths gathering around the lantern on camping trips. The doorway series I've worked on was based on the idea of walking through a door as being transformative.


I usually maintain a fairly bright palette, interspersed with photographic images or gel skins. Sometimes I glue objects to the cradle boards I usually work with. I enjoy leading the eye through the artwork with such additions. Sometimes I paint a border around the piece, causing it to look as if it was framed. 


Artist Harol Town said, " I paint because I must." I feel this way too. Making art is a large part of my life.



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