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I have been following Xanadu Gallery's Red Dot Blog for quite some time and have gleaned a lot of information on being an artist from Jason Horejs, owner of the gallery. Recently I too a leap forward:


I have enrolled in his Art Academy, which means one-on-one emails about my work specifically and challenges specific to my work or situation.There are instructional videos, sharing of artwork with other artists, and podcasts with others pitching in and joining into the conversationl  It is ideal for me and already it has gotten me so stoked I have produced two pieces and am working on a third.


Also I am compiling the information needed to send my work in to the Icehouse Gallery here in Prince Rupert. It is a co-op gallery and it woud mean spending some time in the gallery in sales, which would be fun for me as I like people. 


This is Majestic moths, one of my new series. It's 16"x20" on cradle board. The fleur de lis are stamped and the forward moth's leaf is made of patterned paper. The plain brown leaf is of sandpaper and the furthest one is of paper from Paper Ya on Granville Island in Vancouver (one of my favourite haunts!)

Here is Paradise Sold, It's a much more abstract piece and a bit political. The piece of stone glued to the piece is agate and amethyst.




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