Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to Sunshine and great folks

As an artist I am moved by many things; a baby's perfect hand, sunlight on a coffee cup in a sidewalk cafe, the full moon, nestled in ever-changing spun-glass clouds. But this time I actually moved location to be nearer things and people that move me. I've moved north to Prince Rupert, where I'd lived for 20 years. My daughter lives there presently and many old friends. It feels like coming home.


I don't know if this will mean my palette changes to more muted colours or noisier ones. I do know I may take up doing some skyscapes and interpretations of storms, as there are often some great ones, come October.


I hope to join the gallery coop here, the Icehouse Gallery, and will be handing in my form within the next week. 


I am presently staying with my daughter but hope to find a place soon to call my own. I will be keeping an eye open for a place with space available to use as a studio. In my condo in Port Moody that had been my dining room which looked out over green space. Many places here do that, or look out on Mt. Hays or over the harbour. The deer are plentiful, as there is no shooting on the island (Rupert is technically on an island, Kaien Island). There is a young buck who has been frequenting my daughter's neighbourhood and looks at people with unafraid eyes. 


Another project I am looking forward to is to finally iillustrate the 2 children's books I'd penned years ago and hopefully get them published. 


I've seen several old friends in and about town and had tea with some. It is a gradual reunion with people I knew quite a while back. And so wonderful.


Have you ever gone back home to live? What was that like?  I'd love to hear stories.



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