Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to Sunshine and great folks


Just this last Saturday was the reception for Outbound Flights, the show I've got on now at Gallery Bistro here in Port Moody. All went well and there were many visitors, both friends and people lunching or brunching at the Bistro.


All this would not have happened were it not for the excellent owners, Helen and Reiner. Nor would it have been possible but for the excellent work of my friend Yolande and sister Carryl. They hung the majority of the show for me while I fiddled with some of the smaller works and placed the title cards up and oversaw the installation.


I was in attendance at the reception, painting a new piece called "Arrival", another of the crow series.

This is the piece in its present state...hoping to finish it this week or next,


I have also been attending regular life drawing classes at the Evergreen Centre in Coquitlam and find them quite good and useful to increase my knowledge of the human figure. Also in the works are going to be a series of studies of hands, just for my own use, as I find them fascinating. The winter edition of Drawing magazine features an article of drawing hands from the inside out, which I will rely on for my sketches.


That's about all that is happening artistically with me. I am planning on moving away from the Lower Mainland  sometime in the near future, away from the crowds and into a smaller community. More on art, life and general mischief in the future.

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