Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to Sunshine and great folks

I have been experiencing, as an aside, a fascination with crows and their habits. They are cheeky, intelligent and have a lot of presence. There are three crow pieces on my site at present, with more to come, including one peering into a reflective surface, but I have yet to figure out how to construct parts of the piece. 


For Upscale Urban Crow I found a handsome fellow (crow) in the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver, who obliged me in many candid poses before he flew off to other more important business than local paparazzi, I will be visiting his neighbourhood again soon, in hopes of finding tame crows. Or tamer than the ones in Port Moody, who are a flighty lot at best.


I have also been working on some smaller works, which will appear on the site soon, as well as a massive 3'x 4' piece of branches trailing into water.


I shall be posting that soon, though there may be some additions in the works before that happens. 


So now it's down to cropping the photos for publication and then on to more work/play/xperimentation. 


I hope to have my work shown in the upcoming Port Moody Arts Centre's Winter Treasures exhibit, coming up in mid to late November and to that end, many of the pieces I have been focussing on have been smaller.


This time of year for me is a gathering of energies which are turned somewhat inwards to be unleashed on board and paper and always stretching the parameters of my work. 


I hope you find this time a gathering of energy for yourself and for renewal. 


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