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I have been quite remiss with my blog. Usually I have tried to be faithfull with a weekly post.


In the past couple of months I have had some challenges. I was quite ill for three weeks, in hospital for two and learning a new job in a new location for the last month. Throughout that I have been doing my artwork anyway, with a small "a".


I have taken a small detour from the Women's Celebration Series to work on a small 10"x10" piece, entitled "Crow Tree".


The piece is an old beginning of tree branches, done one lovely lazy afternoon alongside my daughter Veronika. We sometimes got together when she lived in Vancouver (she is currently elsewhere) for art afternoons. A little noodling on a 10"x10" canvas or board with no real end in mind, then I would make her supper, and then a little more lazy bonding. On occasion she would sleep over, then it was waffles for breakfast. Art makes for good times!


But I digress.


I decided to wander away from my usual bright palette into other territory. The brass piece is an earring with its hook removed, the crow, from a photo I took one spring day in front of City Hall in Port Moody.He is a favourite of mine. I am attracted to crows and ravens because of their intelligence and sometimes humour.


Progress on my upcoming illustration workshop for students 9-12 years is steady and am working on putting together more detailed notes. Have a new materials list based on the sketchbook exercises we will do. They are varied, to give students an idea of how essential a sketchbook is, how it can be and is an artist's best and ever-present friend, their playIland.


I illustrated two children's books when I was in my twenties and thirties, as well as doing a couple of illustrated catalogue for a modern furniture shop in Victoria. All were fun and challenging and great experiences. (Though if I never have to draw another stick of furniture in my life, I'll be a happy camper; especially oak-grained!) 


On the note of practicing what I preach and getting back to the regular sketchbook routine,  I've re-instated the page-a-day use, usually done on transit. I am dating them, describing materials used, if mixed media and generally having a lot of fun with it. And of course, anything goes!


Picked up some mixed media treasures today while prowling Value Village with my good friend Brenda. A giant pack of playing cards (new), a pair of recfangular brass earrings, multi-coloured yarn, a wild pair of fake eyelashes that look like peacock feathers, and the real score; a set of small books that look to be from the 50's with bad blurry colour illustations of dogs, one of fish, and some of flowers, and also birds. Fun times!


I will leave you with a favourite photo from a stroll through my neighbourhood on a slightly overcast day with just enough sun. It absorbed my attention for about 30 minutes or so and I was smiled at by a fellow stroller, as I contorted myself into some kind of yoga wizard to get just the right shot! 

Good to be back blogging! :)



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