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Return to 2022 up next

Did not accomplish as much as I'd wanted to last weekend, but this weekend things are puttering along. 


I have added a copper amd burnt sienna wash to the wall,as well as applying some decorative paper that was given to me in the form of a small paper bag from a trendy little shop. As well as this, stamped some of the area with ghostly fleur-de-lis stamp in copper, burnt sienna and Van Dyke brown, a colour recently added to my ecclectic pallette.


bg_36041395606070.jpg's supposed to be a vertical image. Sigh. Don't always "get" technology. The wooden strip is not excellent brushwork, but an actual wooden strip that one gets on a roll from the hardware store, meant to do finishing on woodework projects. A hot iron will fuse it onto the piece when I am at that stage. The archway I hope to reproduce as a matching faux finish, with a bridge between, to mask the join. 


I did a bit of Rosemary's dress, just blocked in with no detail or shadow. More needs to be done with the cutting of the ferns and floral, but that will come. Hope this weekend to focus on painting more of Rosemary herself. A lot of the background window will be masked by the lovely Rosemary, but enough to give the gist.


Sigh. Again beligerently horizontal! Stubborn machine. 


Well, I am leaving this blog as is and will contemplate experimenting with the next so that the vertical remains vertical.....cheers!

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