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Rosemary's is one of the line drawings I worked on in Prince Rupert this fall. She is the newest piece I am working on. I had only her face completed and now the shoulders and scarf are drawn in,as well as the border painted.


The photo is crooked,as it was done in haste, but you get the gist.


I took some photos which I shall use in the backdrop, gluing them to the surface of the cradled board. Several are of a hydrangea bush in front of the Kyle Centre here in Port Moody. Another is of lush ferns. I believe I took these either on Galiano Island on the trail from the ferry to the Hummingbird Pub, or on Bowen Island, on the trail to Killarney Lake.



So today, it's work on painting in Rosemary's image on paper, to be glued to the panel when the background work is complete on the panel. 


On another front, I have donated a giclee print of "Fern Woman" to the Women Against Violence Against Women's Rape Relief Crisis Centre. They are delighted. They are undergoing some redecorating and buying of new furniture for the centre. 


My daughter is visiting today, on a stop-over in Vancouver on her way with her boyfriend to Costa Rica. She hasn't been out of the country for many years and the vacation is richly deserved. 


May you be blessed with creativity and a happy life.

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