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Return to 2022 up next

Roared along on the art front and have been so busy I totally forgot to post! Shame! BUT one new piece completed; Draagonfly Gal, with my friend Margo joined by two dragonflies. 
So there she is. Margo herself came and visited her piece and likes it. I'm quite pleased with it and have moved on to Deb's piece. I am working on it steadily, using images from pics i took of daisies, Deb, and rhododendrons. The daisies are from Deb's own garden when I did the photo shoot. Just focussed in on them and printed them off. The rhodos are from around here, I beleive just in the park nearby, and the ivy is from a trip to Sausalito that I made, breezing across on the ferry from San Francisco. Sausalito is a charming but very expensive little town with charming shops and art galleries. But I digress. The piece is coming along well and with any luck I will either finish this weekend or sometime next week. 

I may be back at work next week, so progress in art will be slower. 

Oh. The Twisted show, in which I will have three pieces; Butterfly Leaf, ChromaSnail and CatOwl, will be opening this Wed, at the Port Moody Arts Centre. It runs until March 13th. I am so very pleased. It is nice that the gallery has calls for artists for themed shows these days, with a variety of artists. One does not have to have a large body of works in order to submit. 

And for now, that's all she wrote. 

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