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When I returned home, I got busy painting, holding the painting on my lap and working with my legs out on my couch. I hesitated to do this, but so much time on my hands while I mend, I decided to make the best of an obnoxious thing.


I worked on Gail and her owl for awhile, but had finished the drawing to attach to Watcher at the Edge of Dreams, a piece I hope will get into the Twisted exhibit here at the Port Moody Art Gallery. So I went great guns on that, enlarging the pencil drawing onto Arches paper and painting light washes of acrylic over it to enhance the look. It got adhered to the surface of the board where I decided to add a collar  of sage greeen. I muted that with a yellow ochre glaze to blend with the rest of the piece and am quite happy with the result.


Purchased a book entitled "Wabi Sabi Art Workshop" having perused it's pages in the library, It touches on acrylic, encaustic (which I have never tried) and oils with a mixed media approach and a happy accidents attitude.I tend to plan pieces a lot more than the book suggests, but do very much enjoy using a mixed media approach to the background of many of my pieces. Gail's piece hailed back to the days I used to use acrylics in a more opaque approach, but the upcoming piece focusing on my friend Margo will have a more casual approach to the background of the work.


I may venture into the background work of Margo's piece this evening and tackle the completion of Gail's piece tomorrow. Margo's panel is gessoed and awaits my brush, paper towels, and whatever else I may decide to go with.


For your enjoyment, here is "Watcher at the Edge of Dreams",

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