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Return to 2022 up next

Some changes have happened to me. I fell on December 20th, fracturing my lower leg in 3 places at the ankle. It required surgery, plates, screws....sigh. I am presently peacefully ensconced at my (angel!) sisters who is caring for me. Have been able to work on a drawing and fortunately had just purchased a laptop, which enables me to look at and organize my photo files, many for art purposes. Convalescence is the perfect time to perform such tasks.

As might be suspected, Gails owl is on hold at present, though not far from my thoughts and visions.

I will be applying for entry into a show at the Port Moody Gallery, slated for February, entitled Twisted. I can work on the application here as well. I will submit 4-5 pieces, most of which are completed, and one with only a little bit left to complete. The drawing I am presently working on will mostly finish off that piece, so all will be in order for the show, if I get in.

The end of the year seems to always be a time for reflection of what was accomplished and of planning for the new year. I follow one Linked In segment for mixed media artists and an artist shared her word for the new year. It was forgiveness. She meant not only for others, but for herself, to be more gentle with herself and not reprimand and scold herself so much for what was not done, what wasn’t done right. A good choice. Mine, I think will be energy. Energy to begin again and again and again. Energy for committing to art, to myself, to being brave in what I do with my art.

What will your word be......

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