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Return to 2022 up next

Christmas time is a time for friends and family, which means neglecting art a bit. I have not been working on Gail's piece this week or last weekend, but spending time with my daughter who came down from Prince Rupert, and taking my Mum to see a play. Both highly satisfying and rewarding.

The other evening there was a full moon and it was shining brightly through the clouds. So, seeing as I had my camera with me, I took several shots, playing around with shutter speed. One I'm not quite sure how it came about. The length of time the shutter was open seemed interminable, but the result was a fun series of arcs of light on the picture. Also got a great shot of the moon through hazy clouds. I am considering looking into getting them printed on metal. I've never experimented with that, and I think the images would suit the printing method.

If I don't post again til after Christmas, have a good one.
I have five days off this year, some of which will be taken up visiting, but also I'm looking forward to getting some art done!

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