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I am forging forward with Gails piece. No I am not a cretin who does not know how to use an apostrophe, but bear with me while I learn my new laptop; it gives me an è! 

Have had the flu off and on for three weeks. I thought it was over two weeks ago, but its back with a vengeance and leaves me feeling very weak. 

I am blessed to have a good friend, Tony Pedley who has taken amazing shots of a young owl and honoured me with being able to use one for Gails piece to use as a reference point. Such clarity and insight into his photos. He knows the exact moment to take the picture and really catches the character of the little fellow. 

My rendittion is a pink owl with a yellow chiffon face, so I am pushing the envelope of artistic boundaries but Tony is cool with that as he is an artist as well and a fine one! 

In the sky background I used modelling paste, which I had never tried before and a comb to create texture. Its fun to use materials youve never used before and though many artists have used it before, it was exciting for me to create the thick impasto and comb into it. I used a good deal of Titanium white, Paynes grey and a bit of yellow and alizaron to warm it up. 

I draped some spanish moss over the branch and may add branches; not sure. 

I have the pink base coat on at present and his face completed and will now work in lights and darks and give shape and definition to the feathers. He is a barred owl, so will have dark and white strips along his feathers in a horizontal pattern. I will be working slowly this weekend, as I still feel quite weak. 

I am also working on a couple of handmade Christmas presents for my daughter and really hope to get them done by this Sunday, when she will come down from Prince Rupert to exchange presents. 

Hope this finds you healthy and happy.

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