Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to Sunshine and great folks


The poetry event went well and folks thoroughly enjoyed it. 

A new addition were two local comedians and a new emcee,  as well as the return of Gingerbeard, a local musical duo.

This is my newest piece. I had flipped a previous painting on its side and the dove appeared. 

She stands for (flies for) peace in Ukraine and other countries around the world ravaged by war.

Prince Rupert has raised $17,000 so far to help Ukraine families moving here. I am hoping that this painting will also help raise funds  for the cause. 

She is coming along a bit more slowly now, as usually happens closer to the end of a piece. 

But back to work.

The piece is finished now.

Only the clear coat to protect the piece is to go on now! Very tickled to complete it today. 

I had taken a long hiatus due to a medication which gave me tremors and dizziness. I am now on another medication and that gives me great joy and hope. 

May you be well. 



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