Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to Sunshine and great folks

Well, I will have the surgery for the first eye on the 17th. I  am hoping it all goes well.  I have been told that the results are incredibly positive. So in the meantime I wait. My grandson arrived January 12th, a bit earlier than predicted.  All are well and he is fattening up.  We have had some sunny but cold days and my daughter and baby have been out for short walks in the lobby sun. I got to meet him briefly and he is adorable.  .

Presently I am working on a monologue for our local community theater.  With any luck there will be 9 women   doing prerecorded monologues via social media. I haven't been onstage for years but if it's errrrcorded I think I will be fine  

Once my surgery is done I should be able to make art again.  


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