Claudia Stewart - Artist

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I am developing a new theme for a show to be proposed this year.  The theme is trees and forests.  Many of our forests in BC are being over logged. The lumber industry is taking old growth forests.  This displaces wildlife . Add to that rather punishing forest fires and you have an apocalyptic scenario.  I believe it doesn't have to be that way.  I think that with wise assessment of what is present and thoughtful planting of trees, that our children and those generations to come, can enjoy wandering the forests and enjoy seeing wildlife.  


My vision is to have a show based on imagery of trees and forests, with a goal to fundraise for planting trees to replace those lost in fire, and by logging indiscriminately. 


I am aiming at a show by the end of this year. Probably 15-20 pieces, up for silent auction bidding.  Possibly online. Stay tuned!

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