Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to 2022 up next

I have been sidetracked from making art recently . I spotted an opportunity to purchase a condo,  so I did. I have been amassing great piles of paper, signing things,  consulting,  etc. and sometimes nodding off reading Strata minutes. So from now until April I will be packing, cleaning,  labeling, and other related activities. My daughter will be laying hardwood floors in the new place after I have painted walls and ripped up carpet. 

The smaller bedroom where I will make art has a tremendous closet the length of one wall. I should be able to store materials there.  I can set up my easel again and probably still have room for a daybed for naps with the cat or in case of guests . 

I will be on the ground floor,  have a small patio (BARBECUE!!!) and can have potted plants,  from which the deer will inevitably nibble. I have been perusing Pinterest for studio space ideas. 


Besides this I have been participating in the Sketchbook Project.  Google it. I am excited about it. 


Oh yes and there's Creative Jam.  I will be taking a mosaic workshop. Whew. Stay tuned. 

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