Claudia Stewart - Artist

Return to 2022 up next

At present, I am trying to build up the incentive to get down to work towards the July show.  I am not certain of the theme, which is part of why I am dragging my feet. It might help to go on several photo walks around the area for some inspiration, though I am not a landscape type. I have been pursuing wider interests by reading plays, and getting back to doing more home cooking. My space at home has long been in need of getting rid of papers, which I have also been doing.  Tonight I came across some family documents regarding relatives who are long dead.  The penmanship on some is exquisite and makes me long for the time of flourishes and quill pens. But I digress. I also am participating in the Sketchbook project( you can look it up on the Internet). I am only a few pages into it and need to send it off in the mail mid February. Yikes! In the meantime, I will be putting gesso on cradled boards and hoping for inspiration for July. 









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