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Well. I was geared up for going to the crafts fair,  but my body had other plans. I am home with a flu bug, I think.

WhatI did discover is that I now have a new thing I like to do. Make clutch purses. 

I've always been attracted to working with fabric collage. And I thought for the crafts fair that a simple clutch purse with a flap might be fun. Several purses later I am just beginning! No, it isn't fine art. But it's an enjoyable distraction. 

I mean, really, how fun is this?

So. I will be back at doing artwork soon. Possibly some line drawing for a bit, as I love my technical pen. Then probably back to acrylics and mixed media; my fave. Keep healthy. 



It is September and the first leaves are falling with their shock of gold, orange and scarlet. The tiny carrots were harvested, washed and solemnly munched up by my grandson. Worms were discovered and put back to bed. 

I will be visiting my sister in October as well as Ringo Starr. We will be scattering our mother's ashes. 

When I return, I will be gearing up for the crafts fair in mid-November. It is a time for Northerners to gather, chat, renew friendships and exclaim over the crafts tables. People have been canning and putting away produce, pickles and salmon in jars, baking bread and sweets for the family and their friends. I have been making art, and sewing fabric bags. Fabric collage is a bit of an escape for me into a mixed media place with buttons, braid and various textures of fabric. I love it for its tactile qualities. 

And on that note, I am off to the sewing machine. 




The poetry event went well and folks thoroughly enjoyed it. 

A new addition were two local comedians and a new emcee,  as well as the return of Gingerbeard, a local musical duo.

This is my newest piece. I had flipped a previous painting on its side and the dove appeared. 

She stands for (flies for) peace in Ukraine and other countries around the world ravaged by war.

Prince Rupert has raised $17,000 so far to help Ukraine families moving here. I am hoping that this painting will also help raise funds  for the cause. 

She is coming along a bit more slowly now, as usually happens closer to the end of a piece. 

But back to work.

The piece is finished now.

Only the clear coat to protect the piece is to go on now! Very tickled to complete it today. 

I had taken a long hiatus due to a medication which gave me tremors and dizziness. I am now on another medication and that gives me great joy and hope. 

May you be well. 



This is an older image but it is going to be used in a poster advertising Poetry and shenanigans,  hosted by Harbour Theatre at the Tom Rooney Playhouse on Friday,  May 13th. The event has been evolving and besides folks signing up to read their poems, there are also poetry prompts and poems written by the people at a given table. 
It is always fun and rather hilarious because " you never know what you're gonna get!"

I am trying to dig out my studio from other stuff and reorganize my place so that only studio things are in the studio!

These rather uncooperative dragons are potato prints. I don't know if you have ever tried it,  
but if you are not averse to using potential food as art instead, it's fun. Just take a medium sized potato, and cut away the part you don't want printed with a small knife. The raised surface is painted with acrylic paint and then pressed firmly against the flat surface. In this case,  it was fabric. And yes, acrylics can be printed on fabric!
These little fellows were printed years ago on my daughter's tshirt and I am applying them onto a new shirt for her little son.
Just to let you know that I do other stuff as well. Print making is an activity that you can do with kids of all ages. One of my favorite things is printing the backs of leaves or ferns.For that you need a brayer (rubber roller). At any rate,  it's fun to find objects to print or use in print making. Ciao for now. 





So.  I scrolled through all 5 of the lessons for a 5 day class in working with fabric. It was interesting and exciting.  Have I begun my piece?

Not exactly. Gathered all the materials and have a good idea of where it's going. 

So here we are in 2022. My grandson Loki is now officially a toddler and I have renewed energy. 

I enrolled in a short fabric art class. Into day 1 and we are making marks on fabrics with paint. I am behind because I was sidetracked by the nostalgia box. But not for long. Just clear off the table and I am at it again!

I will no longer have artwork at the Icehouse Gallery, but may still participate in the 8x8 silent auction fundraisers. I am planning a show of small works called "The forest and the trees". Not sure of the venue yet. I will keep you posted. I am thinking probably 10"x10" mixed media acrylics on cradled board. Some may be round. 

At any rate,  the actual show will not be until the end of this year or the beginning of the next .

I hope this year brings you great joy.






Well, I will have the surgery for the first eye on the 17th. I  am hoping it all goes well.  I have been told that the results are incredibly positive. So in the meantime I wait. My grandson arrived January 12th, a bit earlier than predicted.  All are well and he is fattening up.  We have had some sunny but cold days and my daughter and baby have been out for short walks in the lobby sun. I got to meet him briefly and he is adorable.  .

Presently I am working on a monologue for our local community theater.  With any luck there will be 9 women   doing prerecorded monologues via social media. I haven't been onstage for years but if it's errrrcorded I think I will be fine  

Once my surgery is done I should be able to make art again.  


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