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I am developing a new theme for a show to be proposed this year.  The theme is trees and forests.  Many of our forests in BC are being over logged. The lumber industry is taking old growth forests.  This displaces wildlife . Add to that rather punishing forest fires and you have an apocalyptic scenario.  I believe it doesn't have to be that way.  I think that with wise assessment of what is present and thoughtful planting of trees, that our children and those generations to come, can enjoy wandering the forests and enjoy seeing wildlife.  


My vision is to have a show based on imagery of trees and forests, with a goal to fundraise for planting trees to replace those lost in fire, and by logging indiscriminately. 


I am aiming at a show by the end of this year. Probably 15-20 pieces, up for silent auction bidding.  Possibly online. Stay tuned!

This is the display wall for my show running the month of July.  I went a bit bold with four photos of kelp,  printed on canvas. My favorite is probably the circular one on the stand, called 'Medusa '.
The idea for the show came from memories of my male cousins on the beach, who cut the ends off kelp and showed me how to make a trumpet blast sound across the length of the sand. Later, after my stepbrother passed away of cancer,  my mother and I went to Tofino . We did not speak of death  . Mum took delight in exploring tide pools like a kid,  and I took multiple photos of kelp and seaweed . And now I enjoy the taste of it,  toasted. 

I have been sidetracked from making art recently . I spotted an opportunity to purchase a condo,  so I did. I have been amassing great piles of paper, signing things,  consulting,  etc. and sometimes nodding off reading Strata minutes. So from now until April I will be packing, cleaning,  labeling, and other related activities. My daughter will be laying hardwood floors in the new place after I have painted walls and ripped up carpet. 

The smaller bedroom where I will make art has a tremendous closet the length of one wall. I should be able to store materials there.  I can set up my easel again and probably still have room for a daybed for naps with the cat or in case of guests . 

I will be on the ground floor,  have a small patio (BARBECUE!!!) and can have potted plants,  from which the deer will inevitably nibble. I have been perusing Pinterest for studio space ideas. 


Besides this I have been participating in the Sketchbook Project.  Google it. I am excited about it. 


Oh yes and there's Creative Jam.  I will be taking a mosaic workshop. Whew. Stay tuned. 

Things are looking up in my world. I have greater energy, a clearer focus , and I

know what I want. I signed up for a mosaic workshop at this coming Creative Jam in March. They are only offering 4 workshops this year, which is disappointing, but perhaps funding was lacking. 

As for the July show, I may focus on microcosms in the surrounding area.  Or possibly kelp and moths. Stay tuned. 

There is another matter coming up in my life and if it comes to fruition, it will impact my day to day life. More later.

Jazz the cat has been fairly content .

I have been going through my paperwork Marie Kondo style and bought a shredder to that end.  Trying to clear myself of things I don't need so I have a clearer (cleaner?) space. I find a bit of chaos when doing art is useful,But when I am done for the Day, I like orderly.

How do you like your workspace/living space?



At present, I am trying to build up the incentive to get down to work towards the July show.  I am not certain of the theme, which is part of why I am dragging my feet. It might help to go on several photo walks around the area for some inspiration, though I am not a landscape type. I have been pursuing wider interests by reading plays, and getting back to doing more home cooking. My space at home has long been in need of getting rid of papers, which I have also been doing.  Tonight I came across some family documents regarding relatives who are long dead.  The penmanship on some is exquisite and makes me long for the time of flourishes and quill pens. But I digress. I also am participating in the Sketchbook project( you can look it up on the Internet). I am only a few pages into it and need to send it off in the mail mid February. Yikes! In the meantime, I will be putting gesso on cradled boards and hoping for inspiration for July. 









One of my favorite things is ordering art supplies from Opus . Most of the year I shop locally, but once a year at Boxing day week, I put in a big order from Opus art supplies in Vancouver. So imagine my delight at the arrival of 2 boxes of (very necessary !) stuff. More cradled board , some palette knives, a pen with a brush end, vine charcoal , some crackle paste, photo transfer gel and a kind note from the woman who shipped it off! I was practically dancing .Ask the cat. So now it's clear off the table and get to work. 






It was a rainy afternoon late in December and I was staring at the sign up sheet for the feature wall at Icehouse Gallery.  July was a free month! Last year my month long show in July garnered a lot of feedback and praise and a sale. There was a cruise ship in on my opening day (Canada Day) and a lot of celebrating and festivities going on. So I am going to be hitting the ground running this year, as far as artwork goes. I am also starting up a business presence on Facebook. Look for Claudia Stewart Studio.  Hope I have time to make art! Wishing everyone the best for 2019. I am aiming at blogging once a week. We shall see.



I have settled into Prince Rupert once more and joined the artists' co-op here, the Icehouse Gallery. For the month of July, my crows will appear on their feature wall. I am pleased with this, as only a couple had been shown earlier, with other work. So now comes the planning of posters, invitations, and possibly interviews.


On another front, I was stage manager for a very successful community play. I enjoyed it, as I have worked with the director before, as well as one of the actors. Time now to catch my breath.


I now volunteer as a cruise ship ambassador, to help tourists have a good experience in our town. And (yikes!) work one day a week at lunchtime at the Seniors Centre.


So I am off now to celebrate our summer festival, Seafest.

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